About the Winery

Since 1984, Chateau Thomas Winery has been
bringing a taste of the old world to the heart of the Hoosier state.

It started in the 1970s, when Dr. Charles Thomas, a practicing obstetrician and gynecologist, decided to expand his winemaking hobby into a full-time venture. But first, he did his homework.

He dutifully collected and studied the finest French wines. He took various formal winemaking and wine-tasting courses. He traveled to Napa to study under some the most renowned winemakers in the world. Then, in 1984, he and his wife, Jill, launched Chateau Thomas Winery on Indianapolis’s southside.

The incredible growth of Chateau Thomas Winery since then is a reflection of Dr. Thomas's commitment to his craft. These days, the winery produces more than 15,000 cases of 50 different varieties of wine annually. The wines are crafted in an old world, French tradition, from grapes imported from the west coast.

Meanwhile, the winery, now located just outside of Indianapolis in Plainfield, Ind., has doubled in size, and houses a large gift shop, an outdoor entertainment venue, and a 4,000 square-foot banquet room. The mission of the winery is to always pursue quality instead of volume.

The wines of Chateau Thomas are available in over 200 retail locations in Indiana including wine shops, grocery outlets, and some of the finest restaurants. To this day, Dr. Thomas continues to push the boundaries of modern winemaking. His most recent efforts resulted in the groundbreaking Slender® wine – the world's first naturally-sweetened carb-free wine. The launch of Slender was met with a great deal of national attention, including from Hollywood – where Slender was included in the gift bags of actors during the 81st Annual Academy Awards.

Our Grapes: Chateau Thomas produces all its wines from Vinifera (old world) grapes harvested from the finest vineyards in California, Oregon, and Washington State and continues to strive to produce the fine wines. These grapes, after harvest are chilled to 34° then shipped to our winery in 1-ton bins by refrigerated trucks within hours of being harvested to ensure freshness. When the grapes arrive at our winery at Plainfield they are then crushed and the fermentation process begins.

Innovation. Passion. And, of course, delicious, unforgettable wine. It's all here, at Chateau Thomas Winery. We hope you come and visit us soon.