About Our Wine

Based on his vast experience teaching classes on wine appreciation…

Dr. Thomas acknowledges that there are two distinct types of wine consumers in the world. The first are those who prefer wines that are dry, complex, full-bodied, with long finishes that complement the food they choose to accompany that wine. The second group are those who have a genetic aversion to acids and/or tannins that makes sweet or non-tannic wines more agreeable.

In response to that reality Chateau Thomas makes two distinct types of wine for each of those preferences. Our first line is made in a French style with the best California or Washington State grapes we can obtain. These grapes are brought to Plainfield in refrigerated trucks, and then the wine is made using minimally invasive techniques that capture all the aromas, bouquets, and flavors possible from those grapes. After clarification, long barrel-aging allows the wine to gracefully mature into the masterpiece we create. Judicious blending yields wines that are superior to the sum of their parts. They are then bottled and most can be gracefully aged for long- term enjoyment.

The second group of wines are crafted just as carefully, but don’t undergo the expensive and undesired oak-aging. Some consumers prefer to enjoy their wines as a cocktail beverage. Some of our wines are made with some residual sugar; others with addition of concentrated wine; and some are sweetened with Zerose, a no-calorie, no-sugar sweetener to create the World’s only natural-sweetened wine, Slender. Other wines, the Abe Martin series are made with the addition of fruit essence (0.5%) to table wine, giving remarkable fresh fruit flavors.

Our wines have won 7,000 awards and medals in international, national, and state competitions throughout the world. Our wines have been served to The President of the United States, The Vice President of the United States, 39 Governors including Indiana Governor Evan Bayh, stocked in the wine cellar at the Indiana Governor’s Mansion. Our wines were served on American Trans Air Airlines, gifted at the 81st Annual Academy Awards, served at the Playboy Mansion, and were the only wines served at a Grand Banquet in Rouen, France.

We hope these wines may soon grace your table, and we look forward to your visit to Chateau Thomas Winery; “For the Discriminating Wine Enthusiast.”